Location: Brussels, Cologne & Hull
Venue: ScanSource offices
Dates/Times: 10/10 - 25/10 - 09/11
Registration Fee: FREE
In response to the challenge of the changing operating system and hardware landscape, MCL offers full compatibility with Android as well as Window Mobile and Windows CR, enabling software developers to build their solutions once and the automatically reconfigure it to work across these key mobile operating systems.

THE ScanSource and MCL teams would like to invite you to a series of trainings across Europe to discuss how MCL can help you bring mobility solutions easily and quickly to your customers.

BUILD - Multi Platform Mobile Application development 
DEPLOY - Apps and software easily and effectively deployed 
RUN - Apps running optimized on industry equipment 
MANAGE - Apps, Operators, Data and Device centrally managed

Brussels office 10/10/17: 
44 Avenue du Bourget 1130 Brussels, Belgium

Cologne office 25/10/17: 
Heinrich-Pesch Strasse 10-12 50739 Cologne, Germany

Hull office 9/11/17 : 
2 Iridium Court 1st Floor Owen Avenue Hessle, Hull HU13 9PF United Kingdom

Can’t attend the trainings ?
Don’t worry! You can test drive MCL-Designer v4 for free here