M3 Mobile Android device

The M3 Mobile SM10

The SM10 is a rugged mobile computer with a full touch screen. Launched in 2015, this smartphone is specifically designed for the industry. Thanks to its rugged features, this device can be used in warehouse management, logistics, asset management and so on.

 SM10 transparent

The SM10 Quad-Core provides optimum working conditions with 30% better AP than the previous Dual-Core.

A wider LCD 5 inch full touch screen makes it easy to use even when wearing heavy gloves and Gorilla Glass 3 is more resistant to drops and scratches.

Dual SIM
The SM10 is equipped with Dual SIM slots which can be used separately or in separate services.

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 Product description
 Without scanner: SM10-NWCBP-ABG-NONE-AN1
 Scanner 1D: SM10-NWSCBP-ABG-1D-AN1
 Scanner 2D: SM10-NWSCBP-ABG-2D-AN1


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