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Helpful tips to bring out your inner sales SUPERHERO.
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  • Sales Flash 8 : Your price is not high enough

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    1. There is no such thing as ‘too expensive’. What one prospect wants to pay for your solution or service, may well be completely different from what the other prospect wants to pay for it.  The difference is in the perceived value that your solution or service is generating more
  • Sales Flash 7 : Make others feel important

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    1. Accept people as they are.  Don’t be judgmental, critical or being led by your first impressions. To unconditionally accept the other person, will raise their self-esteem and allows you to connect much easier with them. 2. Express your appreciation to others. People really like more
  • Sales Flash 6 : Be a follow up specialist !

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    1. On-time every time.  When you promise to do something for your prospect such as sending them a quotation or more information, make sure you always send this within the time frame you have communicated.  2. Sales leads lead to sales. But only if you follow them up correctly. more
  • Sales Flash 5 : Don’t be a Lemming !

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    How to progress your sales cycle when it looks stalled (Lemmings are rodents who according to myth will follow another lemming no matter what, even to death (going over a cliff).  The Urban Dictionary says it is a person with no originality or voice of their own.  They follow what more
  • Sales Flash 4 : Networking without the schmooze

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    1. Draw a one page spider chart of your most important business contacts.   Consider who each of your key contacts knows that could help you. Check out their career and identify interesting companies they have worked for. 2. Build a brilliant database.  And then obsessively keep more
  • Sales Flash 3 : Customers don't care about you.

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    1. However great what you do is, resist the urge to bang on about it too early. Remember that clients are fundamentally interested in themselves and their own success, not yours. 2. Ask the customer expansive questions about the past, present and future of their business and work to broaden the more
  • Sales Flash 2 : Preparation for those who normally wing it.

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    1.Print out several pages from their website and then subtly lay these out in front of you when opening the appointment. If they have an annual report on their site, print this out, flick through it and use a highlighter pen for key points of interest. 2.Type the company name into Google and more
  • Sales Flash 1 : Cold Calling Sucks !

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    1 - Sound cheerful and upbeat on the phone –nobody wants to see a miserable face. 2 - Spend time little and often calling for appointments – 20-30 minutes every 2-3 days. 3 - Focus – get rid of distractions like email’s and a cluttered desk. 4 - Get your physiology more