Deploying Android in the Enterprise

Location: Avenue du Bourget 44, 1130 Brussels, Belgium
Venue: ScanSource Brussels Office
Dates/Times: 11/09/2017 - 13/09/2017; 9:00 - 17:00
Registration Fee: €1050

Android OS is a hot topic, but there is surprisingly little non-developer training. This course is designed to fill that gap.

This is an intensive workshop-style training featuring 25+ topics and 20+ activities that will help students get up to speed with the Android OS, Zebra’s MX and Mobility DNA enhancements, useful deployment, management and troubleshooting tools. It provides information on how the various OS mechanisms work, how to configure and manage Android devices and applications, what are the deployment and troubleshooting options available. Students familiar with WM/CE-based products will be able to understand how Android is different from MS operating systems, how this affects their design, deployment, support options and tools.

The course offers both high-level aspects (OS ideology and design goals, key principles behind main OS subsystems, main configuration tasks) as well and deep-dives into the OS internals, including remote control, UNIX shell access, ADB, logcat analysis, wakelock analysis, detecting misbehaving apps, writing deployment scripts, using StageNow and various MX extensions, monitoring metrics etc. Linux/Unix knowledge is recommended, but not required. The course is regularly updated for the latest firmware releases.

Course details:
Course : MCGEN-3001 Deploying Android in the Enterprise
Course fee : 1050 €
Dates: from 11/09 till 13/09 in Brussels
Language : ENGLISH
Your Trainer : Daniel Lo Presti
Location : ScanSource Brussels Office

Purchase Order details: please send a purchase order to mentioning your PO#, and a line with SKU SCS-MCDTRG for a total price of € 1050,-.